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I have long been a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, including much of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. But when I was growing up, I could find little published that contained heroic, openly lesbian characters.

Back in 1992, when Jean Stewart published Return To Isis, it was one of the few lesbian books in this genre. Jean's books followed close on the heels of Chris Anne Wolfe's Shadows of Aggar (1991), and both authors owed debts to Katherine V. Forrest for Daughters of a Coral Dawn (1984) and Sally Miller Gearhart's Wanderground (1978). Still, to this date there are few mainstream novels quite like Jean's.

The Isis characters of Whit, Kali, and their friends predate other adventurous heroines such as Xena and Gabrielle, but they possess many of the same archetypal qualities of strength, perseverance, devotion to one another, belief in themselves and others, and a willingness to sacrifice for the good of the community.

Here's hoping Jean will continue to write of Isis for many, many years. Below is information about her books. Get the first and enter the world of Isis.

~Lori L. Lake, 2003

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RETURN TO ISIS - Book One [1992]

It is the year 2093. In this fantasy zone where sword and superstition meet sci-fi adventure, two women make a daring escape to freedom. Whit, a bold woman warrior from an Amazon nation, rescues Amelia from a dismal world where females are either breeders or drones. Together they journey over grueling terrain to the shining world of Artemis, and in their struggle to survive, find themselves unexpectedly drawn to each other. Whit brings Amelia to live in a world divided. Their enemies live in Elysium, on one side of the electro-magnetic Border, where men reign as Procurators and Reverends, descendants of early 21st Century power elites and those who aped them; on the other side live the Freelanders, whose democratic city-colonies are inclusive of women, minorities, and lesbians, and there they have established a safe haven for social progress. But it is in the safety of Artemis, Whit's home colony of Freeland Warriors, that danger truly lurks. For beneath Amelia's haunting dreams hides a secret which cannot be allowed to surface: a secret of Isis, the colony mysteriously destroyed ten years earlier. And in the ruins of Isis is the ghost of a fallen Leader who has been waiting for Amelia's return.

Full of high adventure, mystery, love, and excitement, this book kicks off the Isis Series in high style.

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ISIS RISING - Book Two [1993]

This is the eagerly awaited sequel to Return to Isis. In this stirring romantic fantasy, Whit, her beloved Kali, and a cast of colorful characters work to rebuild the colony of Isis, burned to the ground ten years earlier by the dread Regulators.But all does not go smoothly in this brave new world, and Whit, with the help of her friends, must battle the evil forces that threaten to destroy their dream.

A swashbuckling futuristic adventure and an endearing love story all rolled into one. This one will capture your heart.

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WARRIORS OF ISIS - Book Three [1995]

In this third tale of high adventure and passionate romance, Whit, Kali, Lilith, and company of the Freeland Warriors deal with new threats to the security of their people. The evil sorcerer Arinna Sojourner, the product of genetic engineering, has evaded capture and vows to destroy the fledgling colony of Isis with her incredible psychic powers. As Whit and Kali, and other warriors prepare to do battle with a seemingly unbeatable foe, Danu makes her own plans to avenge a beloved friend's death at Arinna's hands. To save their world, they will travel to the peaks of the Cascade Mountains to face Arrina's terrifying magical powers.

This novel bursts with life and conflict, and Stewart weaves a rich tapestry of an all-woman's society in the twenty-first century filled with lovers, villains, heroines, and a peril so great it forges a bond between all the diverse women of this unforgettable place called Isis.


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WINGED ISIS - Book Four (or Book One of the new Trilogy) [2001]

After a six year break, Jean Stewart finally begins a new trilogy about the Freeland Warriors of Isis.

The sky offered no second chances. The women of Isis had to save their world now. Or never.

Now, as the satellites that maintain the Border threaten to fail, all of Freeland is menaced by war with Elysium. The women of Isis refuse to wait idly for slaughter. Led by Tomyris "Whit" Whitaker and her chief of staff - and former lover - Loy Chen, they are attempting to launch a mission to replace the deteriorating satellites that protect the Border. But General Medusa is convinced that a civilian task force cannot succeed in this critical mission and challenges their control. As Whit and Medusa play politics, sparks fly between the woman rivals they have each chosen to pilot the shuttle, Loy Chin and Major Mika Reno. But the crumbling Border satellites cannot wait for the orderly process of the Council, nor for disorderly love affairs as the women cling to what may be their last taste of freedom.

On the ground, Whit’s partner, Kali Tyler, works frantically to restore the Border by revising the computer programs her mother created years ago to protect Freeland. As Whit and Kali leave one another, they are fired by memories of their own mothers' deaths in the previous attack on Isis, and by the desire to live in a free world where they can raise the child that Kali is carrying.

As love and duty become one, the lesbians of Isis risk their lives in a battle of wits and courage that will determine whether women will live free or die enslaved.


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WIZARD OF ISIS - Book Five (or Book Two of the new Trilogy) [2004]

The long-awaited fifth book in the immensely popular Women of Isis series is now available! The year is 2095. Following a deadly plague, America has split into two civilizations: Elysium on the east coast and Freeland on the west, with a vast continent made up of a Wilderness and a radioactive Toxic Zone between them. In this sequal to Winged Isis, Tomyris Whitaker, the leader of Isis, and her wing woman Danu Sullivan, have chased two Elysian jets across the Border and into the land inhabited by Freeland's mortal enemy, the Elysium Regulators. Following the crash landing of their aircraft, the Freelanders are cast adrift in a civilization that has regressed almost four hundred years. Elysium has become a feudal empire of politically powerful clerics, landholders and serfs. A land of king-like Procurators where strong-minded women are condemned as witches and burned at the stake. Whit and Danu fall in with a band of Amazon rebels as they fight for survival. Meanwhile in Freeland, Kali and Tor grow impatient with procedural delays and mount their own rescue mission to save Whit and Danu. As the four Freelanders grow more determined than ever to be reunited, Kali's rescue mission goes awry, and Whit finds herself fighting to save Kali's life.

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The Next Isis Book - Book Six (or Book Three of the new Trilogy)

Jean is currently working on this book, and it's my hope that it will appear sometime in 2007 or early 2008. She's been playing it close to the vest about the contents, but fans are eager to find out what happened after the cliffhanger in the last book.

Stay tuned!


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