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I didn't discover the works of Randye Lordon until about five years ago, and since then she has added two more delightful entries in her Sydney Sloane mystery series. Sydney is a New York private detective with lots of moxie, a sense of humor, and a goofy family that more often than not leads her into difficulties. From the first novel on, you will find Lordon's characters, plots, and situations original and entertaining. Don't miss this writer's work!
Sidney Sloane


* 1994 Shamus nominee for Best First Novel

Private investigator Sydney Sloane had always had a troubled relationship with her brother. Even before David's long list of fraud, theft and con jobs forced him to flee the country, they had never quite managed to get a long. When he was reported killed in an explosion more than a decade ago, Sydney was never sure that this wasn't simple another one of his con games. Now, staring up at her from the newspaper, is a photo of one Noah Alexander, a recently escaped prisoner accused of brutally murdering two innocent people. A photo that bears an uncanny resemblance to Sydney's long-dead brother, David. Needing to learn the truth about her estranged brother's death – and life – she begins to investigate and finds herself in the middle of a tangled web of deceit, treachery, and revenge.



On the night that Sydney Sloane and her sister, Nora, attend a star-studded celebrity affair as the guests of their childhood friend Zoe Freeman, Zoe is killed in an accident. Things begin to look more complicated when Zoe's apartment is trashed but nothing is stolen, and Sydney discovers a set of documents bearing Zoe's picture, but a different name. Confused by the signs of a double life led by someone she thought she knew so well, Sydney begins to look into the death of Zoe Freeman. Quickly she uncovers a number of clues – an abusive ex-husband who is now missing, a secret bank account and large, unexplained transactions, a vindictive catering rival – but nothing quite jells. Then Zoe's best friend is bizarrely murdered and Sydney's own life is threatened – time is running out for everyone involved.



* 1997 Lambda Literary Award Winner & Shamus nominee

A young man is found dead of a heroin overdose on a Hudson River pier – while his wealthy father is stumping for political office. But the boy's sister swears he had never used drugs. An investigation to prove Peter Long's death was not a suicide, however, could prove to be a fatal mistake. PI Sydney Sloane delves deeper into a perfect family's darkest secrets.



Dr. Michael Callahan stands accused of his wife's murder by insulin injection. Without an alibi, and as a diabetic, he's the #1 suspect in the case. Private Investigator Syndey Sloane is hired by the murdered woman's elderly grandmother to clear the good Doctor of the charges. But he resists any help. This highspeed adventure takes Sydney from New York City to The Hamptons and back, in search of the wayward doctor and his secrets. All the while, she's never quite sure if she's trailing the murderer or if the real one is still on the loose. In the end, she's ultimately forced to confront her own mortality as never before.


SAY UNCLE (1998)

Sydney has to prove that her Uncle Mitch couldn't have committed arson and murder. Though they had once been best friends, he has become a stranger over the years, and Sydney finds herself questioning if she hasn't finally taken on a case she can't possibly win.



It was supposed to be a nice, quiet, romantic vacation in the French Riviera… Sydney has sworn never again to do detection work for family or friends, but when her niece, Vickie, asks for her help, Sydney puts her holiday on hold to hunt for her elusive nephew-by-marriage, Gavin Mason, a man she has never met and a man who is wanted for questioning in the suspicious accidental death of his parents. In East of Niece, Sydney finds herself in a country where she has no jurisdiction, no contacts, no clout, no grasp of the language, and no sense of direction. A wary traveler, at best, Sydney now runs the risk of a prolonged stay in the south of France in a well-appointed jail cell.


SON OF A GUN (2004)

Old friends. Old secrets.

After a lifetime of shielding friends and family from the truth, Sydney's college chum, Peggy Dexter-Cannady, knows that it is her fault when her husband is shot and her daughter Lucy -- Sydney's god-daughter -- is kidnapped. She knows and there is nothing she can do to stop it. There are no simple solutions in Son of A Gun. The clues are buried in a history long forgotten, but time is quickly running out for Lucy as her mother's past is painstakingly excavated.


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