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I first read Sally Miller Gearhart's WANDERGROUND: Stories of the Hill Women (originally published in 1980) back in 1984, and it rocked my world. I had never read anything like it. Shortly after, my partner and I happened to see a film, "The Times of Harvey Milk," and we were both struck by Sally's calm and commitment. Even today, we still quote her from the movie, where she says something to the effect that it was important for "cooler heads to prevail" so that the 1978 Briggs Initiative in California could be defeated to prevent the removal of gay & lesbian teachers from schools. Clearly, Sally was a pioneer in the then-nascent gay rights movement, and she continues to influence through her writings and teachings. Later - sometime in the 90s - I discovered A Feminist Tarot which Sally wrote with Susan Rennie. That well-worn little volume has come in handly for well over a decade. Sally Miller Gearhart is a writer not to be missed. To visit Sally's website, please Click Here.

Stories of the Hill Women

In the futuristic Wanderground, men remain in the cities, while many women who have been persecuted flee to the hills. There they share their stories of survival, remembrance, and self-discovery. Years later, expressing their freedom in unique ways, the hill women have gained telepathic abilities and flying techniques, while women in the cities still struggle for enlightenment. Not only are readers led to marvel at these "supernatural" abilities, they are led to examine their own views on womanhood and how women are similar to and different from men.

Book One of Earth Keep
Drastic environmental changes on Little Blue have affected the gender balance in the human population. With women outnumbering men 12-to-1,the world's peacekeeping force, The Kanshoubu, is now almost exclusively female. And the population of violent offenders or habitantes confined in global bailiwicks is primarily male. The first of this trilogy examines the nature of violence and peace, its dualism within the human heart regardless of gender, and the manner in which this relationship must be healed by both worldly and otherworldy influences in order to assure the survival of humans, animals, and the very planet itself.

The world of women warriors as Kanshou Femmedarmes, Vigilantes, and Amahs is exemplified in the personnae of Steward-and-Magister Zella Terremoto Adverb and her former Kanshoumate and Lover, Jezebel Stronglaces. They prove opposites attract in a time when the fragile anchor of worldwide peace maintained by the Kanshou is threatened with the prospect of habitante rebellion against medical testing to determine a physiological cause of violence in humans. Possible political protocols that would mandate action regarding this physiology have the mostly male offenders in upheaval.


Book Two of Earth Keep
Now that the bailiwick outbreaks have been handled by Little Blue's all-woman peacekeeping force in Book I, The Kanshou, a new threat to the planet emerges. The human species may be following in the footsteps of animal life, which deserted the planet on "Empty Monday" in the year 2021. Little Blue's children are now dying — in some cases, just after birth — and exhibit no apparent signs of illness. In fact, they greet Death as a friend and go willingly, in son, singly or in groups. Magister Zella Terremotto Adverb and her sister magisters, Lin-ci Win and Flossie Yotoma Lutu - anchored in their Code of the Kanshou and their responsibility to govern Little Blue - find themselves in unexpected alliance with Jezebel Stronglaces and her followers. In this time where technology transforms complicated p lanetary operations with instantaneious data exhcnage through the glow of an I.D. sensor, following the heart still remains the best approach for a civiliation's salvation. As the Heart of the Kanshou struggle to discover the link between the childrens' deaths, the animals' disappearance, and whether or not humans can forgo violence within their collective spirit, Zude and Jez, former lovers, face unexpected dangers on land and at sea. They are each transformed in ways that determine the fate of Little Blue. Ultimately the magic of "going shy" reveals an ending to Book II that will surprise and startle readers of this action-packed and philosophically challenging second segment of the series.

Cover Still
To Come

Book Three of Earth Keep
There is no summary for the last installment of the series, but rumor has it that it may make an appearance in the next year or so. Stay tuned for further information!

Sally Gearhart and Susan Rennie reveal how the traditional Tarot deck, with all its richness and mystery, can be read as a women's Tarot, to unlock the conscious and unconscious realities surrounding certain questions and problems in women's lives. From a feminist point of view, they use the traditional Tarot as a tool for self-analysis -- to explore women's inner regions, and to hear women's inner voices.

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