Writing "Queer" Fiction

This 6-week class will run at The Loft Literary Center on Saturday afternoons, 1:00-4:00 p.m. from July 11 - August 15, 2009. As soon as the sign-up forms are up at The Loft Website, I'll include the link here and update the syllabus as well.



This course is for fiction writers working with gender-bending, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or generally “queer” content, characters, and themes. Regardless of your personal sexual orientation, if you write about “queer” topics you may hit roadblocks that those who write straight/mainstream fiction do not. This class is a safe place for your writing to “come out” in a supportive atmosphere of inquiry and experimentation. This year, we'll have visits from a couple of master writers who will come to class to talk about their writing and publishing experiences..

I'll provide at least three stories for us to read so we can look at some of the work of master writers and examine issues of style, tone, voice, perspective, and audience. Using in-class writing exercises, discussion of student manuscripts, and lectures, you will be inspired and motivated to continue and/or jump-start your work. We’ll read student work and apply what we learn about technique and craft. Short exercises may spur new writing and new projects, but most of the writing will likely be geared toward continuing and/or completing writing projects already underway.

15% Presentation/Lecture
15% Writing Exercises
20% Reviewing master writers
50% Workshopping

"In writing, sometimes you have to let the mistakes stand, because they are just more 'right' than what's right. I like to remember Picasso who, when asked why he was so successful when other abstractionist artists weren't, replied that it was simple, he had learned to draw first. I tell writers, learn all the rules first, I mean, really learn them - and then follow your instincts in breaking them. In the end, the Writer Within knows, and knows better than anyone else. But you have to be sure you are doing something for the sake of art, and not novelty. The one transcends, the other only muddles." ~Victor J. Banis, author of over 150 books including many gay and lesbian novels

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