Writing, Editing, & Revising Your Mystery

This is a new offering I plan to teach through the local Sisters in Crime organization. I'll post more information about it as soon as we have worked out the details.


Details are still to come . . . stay tuned!

"It may be more difficult, but it's much more satisfying if you come up with logical ways to maneuver your character into position to find the clues and red herrings your plot requires. Repeat after me: Thou shalt not resort to coincidence, intuition, clairvoyance, or divine intervention. In a mystery, logic rules. If you do put coincidences in your story, at least have your point-of-view character comment on the absurdity of the coincidence. I don't think that gets you off the hook, but at least it will keep the reader from dismissing you as a hack." ~Hallie Ephron in Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How To Knock 'Em Dead With Style

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