About Lori
About Lori
Biographical Information

I was born in Portland, Oregon, and spent my early years with my parents and four sisters until my parents divorced. As a teenager, I lived with an aunt and uncle, and over time, both my parents remarried other people, adding two brothers. At 18, I went off to college (Lewis & Clark in Portland) where I double-majored in literature and political science.

In the middle of my tenure at college, I met Diane at a bank processing center where I worked part-time. We became partners in 1981. In 1983, we moved from Oregon to Minnesota because the job prospects were much better. Diane and I were partners for 27 years until we separated in November 2008.

After the breakup and until end of summer 2009, I lived in Minneapolis, writing, teaching at The Loft, and doing various other book- and writing-related jobs. I moved back to Oregon at summer's end, continued writing, and finally got back to publishing in 2011 after a four year drought. I also joined the Portland Lesbian Choir where I met my sweetheart. We've been together now since autumn 2012.

Now located in NE Portland, very close to where Beverly Cleary's characters lived, I feel an amusing attachment to Ramona Quimby, Ribsy, and Henry Huggins.

I started writing seriously in 1986, and spent a good deal of time trying to get published. You can read more about my Writing Quest HERE.

Lori at a Glance

Date of Birth/Sign: February 9th/Aquarius.

My Motto since 1978:
What Goes Around Comes Around!

Best Thing That has Happened in the Recent Past:
Meeting Luca and falling in love - something I hadn't expected would ever happen again!

Worst Thing That Happened in the Recent Past:
Breaking up with my partner of 27 years - one of the toughest and worst things that's ever happened to me in my life.

Most Admired Person:
There are so many people I admire so much . . . but I am so blessed to have the writer Ellen Hart as a friend, and she has been a tremendous encourager to me.

Lewis & Clark College in Oregon: English & Political Science double major.

Master's Degree:
Hamline University, St. Paul: English/Liberal Studies.

Famous Relatives:
5th Cousins were Orville and Wilbur Wright - but hey! I hate to fly! I'm also related to those who have Blackfoot heritage.

First Professional Role:
Working at a Welfare agency.

First Book Written:
Ricochet In Time (started in 1992, completed in 1995, and published in 2001).

First Book Published:
Gun Shy (completed 1999 and published early August 2001)

Number of Books Published So Far:
Fourteen: ten novels (soon to be 11 when Eight Dates hits the stores in June 2014), two short story collections, and edited two anthologies.

Number of Books Completed Now But Not Ready for Publication:

Number of Books at Least Half Done:
Three more.

Number of Books Rattling Around in Lori's Head but Unwritten:
Six more.

Favorite Song:
Still a 1970's oldie, "Dancing In The Moonlight" by King Harvest.

Favorite Bands:
One Republic, The Indigo Girls, Fleetwood Mac, America.

CDs I can't seem to stop listening to lately:
Sara Bareilles, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and the "Frozen" soundtrack.

Favorite Vocalists:
Linda Eder, Cheryl Wheeler, Dar Williams,
Christopher Cross, Whitney Houston, Carly Simon, Donna Summer, James Taylor, and Ben Folds

Favorite Movies:
Leaving Normal, Flawless, Stranger Than Fiction, Truly Madly Deeply, Fearless, and Parenthood.

Favorite Book Series:
Still Charlaine Harris's Lily Bard series.

Favorite City:
Used to be Duluth, MN, but I think it's now changed to anywhere on the Oregon Coast.

Worst food on the planet:
Seafood - I'm allergic!

Best foods on the planet:
Chicken, Cheezits, and Chocolate - but ever since gallbladder surgery, I can't eat the latter two very often.

Favorite TV Shows:
Homeland, Parenthood, Grimm, Major Crimes, Person of Interest, Intelligence, Downton Abbey, The Colony, Harry's Law, and every few years I can't help but go back and re-watch Jericho!

Favorite team sport to Play:

Favorite team sport to Watch: NFL Football, and am especially fond of the Seahawks (yay-2014 Superbowl Champs!) and also the Packers, the Vikes, the Broncos, and the Ravens.

Best thing about being a published author:
Getting to meet lots of wonderful new people.

Worst thing about being a published author:
Mean reviews. I don't mind reviews that point out areas where I need to continue to make improvement. I just hate the ones where the reviewer slams me personally. Blah!

Happiest Moments in Life: Time spent with Luca, my writing pals, my friends, or with my dad, sisters, nieces, and nephews and extended family.


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