Photo Gallery

Some Oddball Shots from Over the Years

On a Panel - Bouchercon 2022

At the Peculiarium - a very weird
place in downtown Portland
(The Minions said this is me when
I'm not writing!)

A Couple Years Back with Jodi
"Jazzy Mitchell" Zeramby
(who became the owner of LPP
with her wife Peggy in 2023)

This was during the first few months
of the sucky pandemic - which I think
temporarily sucked all the
color out of my hair!

Minnesota Minions!
Jessie Chandler, Judy Kerr,
Lori, and MB Panichi

I have no idea when or where this was taken,
but don't I look halfway decent in red?


This was in 2019 at Taborspace
where the Portland Lesbian Writers Group
(Polliwogs) entertain at many events.


At Powell's Bookstore
in Portland, Oregon


Oregon Writers Colony Booth
at the annual Book Fair


With one of my favorite writers - and wonderful
person, Karin Kallmaker

Hard to believe this was taken
at a funeral, but it was!

A very old picture of me in Minnesota
at Lake Superior, along the Canal Street
area. I've always loved this photo
because I look so dang happy!


With the ever elegant and wonderful
Ann Bannon


Catherine Friend with me (with cake!)
at True Colors Bookstore in
Minneapolis on the occasion of our
books coming out at the same time


With the always elegant and wonderful
Victor Banis, my hero!

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