Writing Retreat

Lori L. Lake's Writing Academy Presents:
Autumn Women's Writing Retreat
At Colonyhouse/Brecht House
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

You have a story that wants to be written, but think you have no time to write it. Or you tell yourself you'll "get around to it, someday"... Well, someday has arrived! It's time for new beginnings. Give yourself the gift of dedicated time to get the words out of your head and onto the page. Memoir, novels, poetry, or essays--all topics and types of women writers are welcome to read, write, revise, and reflect.

The retreat will be led by multi-published author Lori L. Lake including meals, which will allow you to concentrate on your craft. You'll enjoy healthy, tasty food, lots of quiet, and the support of other writers to encourage you to let your words flow. Come together at mealtimes to share your progress or your challenges, or just to relax in the creative energy and camaraderie. (More details below)

No Scheduled Retreats at this Time
Stay Tuned for after the Pandemic is Over

View of Twin Rocks from Rockaway Beach, Oregon

No Scheduled Retreats at this Time
Sunday (4:00pm) through Sunday (Noon)

This is an opportunity for women to focus on their writing for a week at the beach.
Starting late Sunday afternoon we'll assemble, get to know one another, and have dinner.
During the week you'll have lots of time to write and to get encouragement from Lori. (See more details below.)

$795 per person for double occupancy room/board
($995 if you want a room all to yourself)

Join other writers to read, write, revise, reflect,
and spend time on the lovely and inspiring Oregon Coast!

if you'd like to see photos of the main lodge and grounds.

Lots of quiet so you can focus on your writing. Three meals and snacks are prepared and provided (allergies and food limitations will be thoroughly addressed). You bring your own sheets and bath towel - a pillow and blankets are provided. No laundry facilities in the houses, but there is a full kitchen in each house. Colonyhouse has wi-fi and the cell signal is good. Brechthouse does not have wi-fi.

Evenings we'll have time to gather in the living room and talk about craft, technique, writing, publishing, and other writerly issues. Lori will read up to 5,000 words of each writer's work-in-progress and meet privately with you for an hour to talk about your work and about your writing goals and approach.

If you drive, a map and directions will be provided. If you fly, you will come to Portland (PDX) and arrangements can be made for you to be picked up the first Sunday to ride to the coast and then back to the airport the following Sunday afternoon.

Questions? Email Lori at Lori (at) LoriLLake (dot) com.

You deserve to focus on your writing life and to see real progress!


Lori L. Lake is an editor, a publisher, a long-time teacher of writing craft, and the author of a number of books and collections of stories. Her main focus at the moment is publishing fiction and writing How-To books. Her personal website is HERE.

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