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I was born in 1960 and by my mid-teens was very aware that I had little interest in boys other than as friends. Unfortunately, there were no TV shows, no movies, no Internet, and few books for me to read about what it meant to be a lesbian. Feminist bookstores were few and far between. It was a tough world to grow up in: very negative and quite frightening at times.

I had to wait quite a long while before I finally stumbled upon the works of the various authors I plan to spotlight here. I tell people that when I was growing up, if I had had available all the books you can find today (along with Xena: Warrior Princess), I'd have been a much happier person a lot sooner.

All of the women below are included in my Hall of Fame because: 1) their writing has had a solid and lasting affect on me; 2) their writing has been out for over a decade; 3) they have developed a body of work; 4) the characters they write about and plots they focus on are thematically gay and lesbian; and 5) each author identifies as lesbian. Not only has each woman given me many literary lights to travel by, but each one has also been a role model for me as both a writer and a lesbian. I salute these women, all of whom have earned a special place in my heart.

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Literary Light Ann Bannon is a beacon of the highest order and winner of the Golden Crown Literary Society's inaugural Trailblazer Award in 2005. She wrote the first series of lesbian novels, starting back in 1957, and she continues today to encourage and educate other writers.
Literary Light Sally Miller Gearhart is a pioneer in the fight for gay & lesbian rights who over 25 years ago wrote the groundbreaking novel, The Wanderground, which is still in print today.
Literary Light Jenifer Levin is the talented author of four novels and a book of short stories including the incredible tour-de-force, The Sea of Light.
Literary Light Katherine V. Forrest is the award-winning author of short stories, essays, and many ground-breaking novels including the Kate Delafield mystery series.
Literary Light Randye Lordon is an amazing mystery writer who has done a great job on her Sydney Sloane detective series.
Literary Light Dorothy Allison is the author of short stories, poetry, a memoir, numerous articles, and two novels, including Bastard Out Of Carolina, which was nominated for a National Book Award.
Literary Light Ellen Hart is the Lammy and Goldie award-winning author of the Jane Lawless mystery series and the eight books in the Sophie Greenway mystery series.
Literary Light Jean Stewart is the Goldie award-winning author of Emerald City Blues, Return to Isis, Isis Rising, Warriors of Isis, Winged Isis, and Wizard of Isis.
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